A Brief History of the M.P.A.
The association was born out of the disaster of the 1974 floods when the estate was separated from the mainland by floodwaters. Lack of outside assistance during the floods was catalyst for Mandalay residents to look after themselves. The collective efforts shown to fellow neighbours during these trying times is the same raison d ‘etre that we as your committee conduct ourselves today. We are your neighbours looking after our collective interests.

Shortly after the floods, intense industrial noise from the river quarrying operations across the river drove many residents to despair. Through the efforts of the Association, curfews were imposed on the hours of operation and ultimately contributed to the operation ceasing. Some of the longer-term residents will remember Biami Yumba Park as an unkept wasteland and an eyesore. The MPA was able to encourage the Council to carry out the maintenance of the park; after all, we are ratepayers.

A major issue was the proposal to redirect sewerage from the Donaldson Road Treatment plant at Oxley to a point almost opposite the boat ramp. Imagine the value of land on the estate and the quality of life. There would not have been any! Through the tireless efforts of the then Committee and especially Warren Fletcher, they were able to have this crazy plan altered. We have the MPA to thank for this.
The next issue was the Fig Tree Pocket Act that took away the rights of purchasers of land on the estate to object to the noise from across the river. This was a state government initiative. In quite an under handed way, buyers were only advised of this Act on their rates notice. Your MPA and newly-elected Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson were able to reverse this Act.

There is a myriad of other matters that the Mandalay Progress Association has worked for and achieved for the benefit of all residents. The committee positions are honorary and do take up some time but without the selfless efforts of the previous committee members, the Mandalay Estate would not be the place it is today. I implore you to consider doing your part for the benefit of our community and offer your services to the Mandalay Progress Association. Please nominate for the committee and play your part.

MPA Constitution – 2013 – PDF Version